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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  June 14, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> live, local, late-breaking - this wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> police say there was an accident before midnight in west baltimore. lowell meltzer is live on the
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scene in west baltimore. >> baltimore city police thought it was before 11:45 last night when two teenage girls were attempting to cross martin luther king jr. boulevard at pratt street when there were struck by a lincoln sedan for the victims have been identified as a 16 and 17-year-old for a day later died at shock trauma. the vehicle continued south and was pulled over by mdta police near bwi for a traffic violation not related to the head and run. baltimore city detectives were notified as to the damage but the driver was not arrested. >> officers from our accident investigation unit or on the scene almost immediately after the accident. they had been investigating all night. there were able to interview the two occupants of the vehicle. there were no arrests made last night however members from our
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accident investigation unit will work closely with the state's attorney's office to determine if any criminal charges will be filed in this case. >> at this point, no charges have been filed. however, police say it is early in the investigation and charges could come as soon as later this afternoon. we will have more details tonight at 5:00 at 6:00. >> the search continues for an inmate who walked off work detail in hagerstown. corrections officials said jerome taylor of baltimore did not check in during this minimum security job around 1:30 on monday. few is serving a five-year prison term for lying to police. he may be heading back to baltimore. in of his whereabouts, call 911. traffic on i-95 northbound is back to normal after an early morning accident created some heavy delays. this is a look from our traffic, at the back up earlier this morning. a tractor-trailer broke down in
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the right lane around 2:00 this morning and it was rear ended by another tractor-trailer. both drivers were taken to hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. that was a mess. toll prices remain a top concern among commuters per the state wants to raise them but many people say they cannot afford to pay any more and are now voicing their concerns during a series of public hearings. >> i can't afford it. it is that simple. we are in the middle of an economic recession. i and stretched as far as i can and these costs will take $300 per year and i can't afford it. >> other frustrated drivers gave the mdta a piece of their mind. >> you are struck in the working-class when you do this. working class is the backbone of the state and the country. >> the key bridge, the harbor tunnel, and fort mchenry tunnel would increase by $1 in october and another dollar in 2013.
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driving across the bay bridge would cost you $5 in october and increased to $8 in 2013. hayden bridge decals would jump. the proposed increases would generate millions of dollars for the infrastructure and maintenance of around the state. >> we have had flotow's row -- low tolls relative to other communities and now we have to pay the bills. >> the bridges and tunnels are supported strictly from the tolls. these revenues are not shared with any other state fund. >> 7 more public hearings on the toll rates will be held in the coming days to find a location near you, go to where website --, click on local news. ♪ >> i considered turning on my
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feet this morning when i drove to work for it was chilly outside. temperatures were in the mid- 60's. it is still cool throughout the day. high temperature will be 77 in central maryland. we have a chance for showers. i have been watching some showers on the radar west of altoona in central pennsylvania. these could hold together. usc in the clouds to the north and west and you may see a shower around the afternoon. i will have more updates coming up in the full forecast. ♪ >> maybe it is not a good idea. >> we're getting a better look this meant that what next year's presidential race will look like. last night there is a republican
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presidential hopeful debate last night. michelle bachmann official that there are a few possible contenders who have yet to prove their hats into the ring. you can watch the debate in its entirety on this thursday from 8:00-10:00 p.m. president obama its key battleground states to show he is focused on job creation. >> i will not be satisfied until everyone who wants a good job that offers security as a good job but offers security. >> the unemployment rate stands at 9.1%. the president is weighing in on the anthony wiener sex scandal. he called the congressman's actions inappropriate and said if he was in his shoes, he would resign. a candidate for mayor of baltimore is dealing with her on twitter problems. >> if you are a politician these days, being on twitter is a must as mayor stephanie rollins blake explained monday night.
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>> it is an easier way to communicate. >> congressman anthony winner and now katherine pew know the disadvantages. one of her staffers admit he mistakenly posted a very non- political tweet on her campaign account during a charity event this weekend. the staffer told the baltimore sun that he thought he was locked into his personal account. >> there has been a theory that volume of content is a good thing. we're learning that by the content may not be a good thing. >> this woman of asocial marketing firm. with politicians, she says if comments go awry or are taken out of context, the action is not as important as the reaction. >> if you are able to relax and admit what happened and be transparent and honest, it kind of goes away. >> it took congress and win her a bit too long to do that. now it is a national scandal. the erroneous pew post is gone
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from her page in the staffer is not allowed to post on her page. should the politicians themselves be the only ones to post on their page? mayor stephanie rawlings blake tells her that her staff rights than. >> if i can't write them or and i am giving a speech and i want to talk about the event, they will do it while i am giving this speech. >> intense fighting in libya, another air strike near moammar khaddafi's compound -- details next. she used facebook to connect with family and friends but fell victim to identity theft. hear one woman's story. another woman is behind bars for a post she made on facebook. kerri ankle from valley view farm's is here to answer your plants and garden questions.
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prescription strength allegra is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription. >> an air strike its near libyan leader moammar khaddafi's content for the explosion could be felt at the hotel where journalists are staying in the capital. smoke was seen rising from the area. does not clear what was targeted. the latest bombing comes hours every number of foreign anti-war activists appeared at the compound.
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protest government supporters gathered each night for rallies in support of the libyan leader. ♪ >> a philadelphia mother is in jail after police say she used facebook to hire a hit man. the 20-year old is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. police say she went on facebook after an argument with her baby's father and posted a message saying that she would pay $1,000 to have him killed. an 18-year-old after the head and he is charged with attempted murder. more facebook trouble in today's consumer alert -- you have been warned about sharing too much information but for one woman, it led to identity that. hear her story, next. >> temperatures are looking comfortable, 74 at the inner harbor. dry weather is expected into tomorrow. i love an update coming up in the full forecast. >> i am kerri rick carrie engel is here to answer your plant and
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gardening questions.
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♪ >> a chicago woman thought it was harmless to share her pictures, birthday, and location on facebook but it turns out 80 used to steal her identity and her money. >> there are over 600 million people on facebook right now. it is a fun way to catch up with friends and family. what donna calories' did not know is that your facebook profile became a gateway for thieves to steal her identity. >> i found out that someone used my social security number to file their faxes. -- file their taxes. >> they were themselves a new debit card, deducting money for her account. it is information the governor facebook profile. >> it is scary because they know all my information.
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they know my mother's and father's name, address, where growth, my social security number, everything. >> it is a huge problem and something you have to be vigilant about. >people can actually take some of that information and find your social security number. it is a lot easier now to find her social security number. people have an expertise in doing that. >> a study by consumer reports found that 34% of facebook users post their full birth that but 20% do not use the privacy controls and 23% say they do not know some of their face but friends well enough to feel completely comfortable about their security and safety. harmless information on facebook family to a major financial headache. >> people don't realize that some of the basic information like where you live or your date of birth are actually ways that
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identity feet can steal your personal information. >> facebook makes it easy to protect your profile. consider your -- removing your birthday and where you live and tweak your privacy controls. most important, be careful who you as a friend. >> make sure your settings are only your friends. when you get french requests, you need to vouch for the identity of all the people who consider information. >> that is a lesson, learned too well. >> i am much more cautious. i don't want anyone to know any more detail about me. >> very important information. the food and drug demonstration will make an announcement on regulating sunscreen today. new labeling standards were proposed four years ago but never acted. the fda has not updated guidelines and 30 years. there has been a recent push for action by some members of congress. >> now, you're 11 instaweather
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plus forecast. >> you may have forgotten what spring is supposed to feel like. today is a good reminder. currently, it is comfortably cool at vw like, 72 degrees. -- at bwi at 72 degrees. all this cool air coming in and out of the northwest is behind our latest cold front. the yellow shading is mainly to 70's in annapolis. ocean city is at 76. temperatures are in the 50's and 60's out in the west. it will not warm up much more as we head into the afternoon. we see clouds moving across the area. they are coming in from the north and west. there are some showers that
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developed across southern new england and those are starting to creep of their way toward our area. there have been some showers in the mountains of central pennsylvania and some of that could have our way. -- could head our way. we are getting a little bit of high pressure building in but it is relatively calm, cool and dry. the storm could filter in some activity into the area at the end of the day. behind that, there'll be a series of waves coming in from the midwest. that will bring us another chance for some wet weather later in the week. we are under this cold front right now. as we get toward the weekend, temperatures will warm up. you can see wednesday afternoon that we stay mostly dry. the better chance for any wet weather may be this afternoon but we put this into motion and
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the next storm system comes in thursday into thursday night. it looks like even friday there may be some activity. we will keep our eye on the weather. for tonight, a chance of showers up towards the north. not a big deal because they are scattered. we will see clearing skies as we head into the night and temperatures will be 55-63 degrees. it is cool along the shore library the ocean city forecast is 78 for tomorrow with sunshine and thursday they get another chance of storms. there is a look at your instaweather plus extended forecast -- wednesday, dry, 80 degrees, thursday and friday could be stormy. we will keep an eye on that. this weekend temperatures will warm up a back into the 80's. ♪ >> carrie engel from valley view
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farm's is here to answer your plants and garden questions. >> this is a foxtail firm. fern. >> what a great color green. i would like to plant a creeping trumpet vine along my fans. any advice? >> i used to have a bunch of them. to be careful i'd recommend some annual vines like morning glory. one of the vines grow is extremely large the first timeout but it does in the wintertime. the pentagon what to have, consider annual vines and look at the track -- considering what you have come to consider annual vines and look at the tropical. gerbert about berbe
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daisies. >> they would love to have to- four hours of morning sun. they don't blow without some very well. begonias well. >> donna hamilton had a question. my roses are being destroyed by boggs. bugs. >> there are many different things out there. there are slugs. there are some people and japanese beetles will come out about july 4. there are organic things you can use. look for something that has a product called bt which is a naturally occurring bacteria. you can use a relatively new product called sinosis. it is called captain jack bedbug brew.
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it is an organic way to go after them. you have to spray the insect but it works. thank you very much. >> if you have a platter garden question, you can e-mail us. you could go to our website you can also send your question to plan questions at our address. coming up next, your maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 lottery numbers and will get another look at the forecast but first a look at how wall street is performing at this hour.
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>> tonight, the latest on the death of two teenage girls killed in a hit-and-run accident in baltimore city. plus, two cases of vandalism. choosing the gender of your baby through your diet -- those stories and more when you join us tonight for 11 news at 5:00. it is time for maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. ♪ >> good afternoon. your pick 3 numbers for tuesday, june 14 are --3 -- 8 -- 0. that makes your pick 3 numbers 380. in a moment of the pick 4 game.
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you can double your winnings on box pled. this sunday, visit your favorite retailer and play pick 3 and pick 4 today. mr. bob the diamond is ready to roll. your pick 4 numbers are -- 7 -- 0 -- 3 -- 4. 7034 is your pick 4 number. 9 >> we have one last check of the four test. >> temperatures are back to where they should be. we have time to feel summer and it will feel like spring for the next couple of days with a high temperature to mar 80 degrees and you may see a shower this evening. >> not bad, thank you and thank
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you for joining us for 11 news at noon. be sure to watch tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
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